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Slake: Los Angeles—Slake No. 3 Press Release—A City And Its Stories

Slake No. 3 Press Release

By Slake Media


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Slake: Los Angeles Takes On “War and Peace”
Issue 3 contributors include Patrick deWitt, James Greer, Jerry Stahl, Marc Cooper, Amy Scattergood, Melodie McDaniel, Sandow Birk, Joseph Mattson, Ben Ehrenreich, Natasha Vargas-Cooper, Matjames, Patrick deWitt, Aaron Rose

LOS ANGELES (August 11, 2011)—Slake: Los Angeles, the L.A. Times–best-selling quarterly, releases its third issue to subscribers and bookstores in early August. “War and Peace” examines our internal and external conflicts from the perspectives of soldiers, survivors, bounty hunters, tweakers, surfers, and more. We visit familiar Southern California settings such as a pool party in the Valley, a tight-knit East L.A. enclave, the 105 Freeway, and the Silver Lake Trader Joe’s, and we travel to far-flung times and places such as Egypt under Sadat, London during the blitz, and El Salvador in the midst of its civil war.

Slake No. 3 again brings together well-known and new voices, including Patrick deWitt, whose novel The Sisters Brothers recently made the thirteen-book long list for Britain’s prestigious Man Booker prize (he also wrote the film Terri, starring John C. Reilly); artist Sandow Birk, with his first published fiction; novelist and journalist Ben Ehrenreich (The Suitors, the forthcoming Ether); political writer Marc Cooper (The Nation, Pinochet and Me: A Chilean Anti-Memoir); Jervey Tervalon (Dead above Ground, Serving Monster); Jerry Stahl (I, Fatty; Pain Killers; and the forthcoming collection Bad Sex on Speed); Natasha Vargas-Cooper (The Atlantic, Mad Men Unbuttoned); Aaron Rose, associate curator of MOCA’s Art in the Streets; James Greer (Artificial Light, The Failure); Joseph Mattson (Eat Hell, Empty the Sun); poet and food editor Amy Scattergood; poet John Waldman (Cream City Review, Brooklyn Review); journalist and documentary filmmaker Hank Cherry; poet John Tottenham (The Inertia Variations); critic and poet Ernest Hardy (Los Angeles Times, The New York Times); journalist Hillel Aron; screenwriter and comics writer Owen Wiseman (Samurai’s Blood); first-time fiction writers Paul Sbrizzi and Brendan Schallert; painters Graham Metson and Deedee Cheriel; photographers Gregory Bojorquez, Melodie McDaniel, Ted Soqui, Riley Kern, and Shannon Donnelly; and talented, young poets Lucy Engelman, Laurie Wheeler, and Erica Zora Wrightson.

About the Design
The editors wanted an iconic, graphic look inspired by Russian suprematists such as Kazimir Malevich and expressionists such as Paul Klee. Art director Alex Bacon and assistant art director Anne McCaddon teamed with local artist Michael Dopp to create a stark, geometrical visual language to accompany each piece in the book. The terse graphical statements are periodically opened up with photo essays and original works of art. The book also includes the next installment of the New Orleans–to–L.A. graphic novel Survivors Guild, by Matjames. The cover, a painting of vintage boxing gloves, is by L.A. artist Ingrid Allen.

About Slake: Los Angeles
Former L.A. Weekly editors Laurie Ochoa and Joe Donnelly founded Slake: Los Angeles in 2010 to provide a platform for examining and reimagining the most dynamic city in twenty-first-century America. Slake is devoted to the endangered art of deeply reported narrative journalism and the kind of polished essay, memoir, fiction, poetry, and profile writing that is disappearing in a world of instant takes and unfiltered opinion. Slake’s first two issues spent weeks on the Los Angeles Times best-seller list.

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