Learn how the pandemic affected charitable fundraisers

Find out how the pandemic influenced charitable fundraisers, based on the analysis of data collected over the last few years and through which clear changes were made clear about the awareness of the value of life by beings humans.

Influence of the pandemic on donations

As usual, many non-profit organizations face the challenges generated by the incidence of pandemics or natural disasters; through the donations they receive; whose funds are used to solve the difficulties experienced within different localities.

In this article you will learn how the pandemic influenced charity fundraisers; Initially indicating that this type of humanitarian activity accelerated according to the statistical studies and analyzes carried out by The Associated Press by Chronicle of Philanthropy.

According to this study, 90% of the 5,200 million dollars collected through donations during the year 2020, was destined to cover the needs of those people affected by different natural disasters.

While in previous years this figure represented practically half of the subsidies; the rest being used to prepare communities to face droughts, hurricanes or the spread of diseases that put their lives at risk.

Therefore, it has been determined that the amount of money donated by charities and humanitarian foundations, due to the incidence of the Covid-19 pandemic in the world, is really impressive with its behavior in previous years.

Statistically, figures of contributions have been registered during the year 2020 that exceed 15 times those received in the year 2019.

This behavior is at the discretion of Tanya Gulliver-GarcĂ­a, who is the director of learning and partnerships for the Center for Disaster Philanthropy; to the fact that “There is no one who has not been affected in some way by the pandemic.”

Being in this case a justification for philanthropy to take a step forward, changing and responding as it really should.

Donations have been the best means to collect the money destined to help those affected by the coronavirus; investigate possible alternative vaccines and bring relief from hunger; of many communities, thus covering the needs of countless people.

The influence of the pandemic on charitable fundraisers; It has been evident even during other epidemics that have caused statistical spikes in donations, as was the case of the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, suffered during the year 2014 and where an income from donations of 158 million dollars was registered.

It is characteristic that humanitarian emergencies due to wars or refugee crises are covered by government funds; while if they are accidents caused by human errors, such as spills of chemical products; They do not have the same welcome within the claim for philanthropic dollars, as the pandemic.

An example of this is the donation made by the Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation; who contributed six times more money during the year 2020 than in 2019. Precisely with the aim of supporting research into the disorders caused to the human organism due to Covid.

In addition to covering the study of tests, treatment, vaccines and everything that is necessary to prevent the spread of this pandemic in the world and control, reducing its infections day by day.

However, it is fair to indicate that much of the data provided by The Center for Disaster Philanthropy and Candid has been collected through tax forms and other data sources; but these organizations have indicated that much of this information is incomplete, precisely because of the delays experienced in submitting their reports.

Carrying out any type of project for altruistic purposes will always deserve recognition from society, regardless of the scope of its results. The more actions of this type, the better the world will be. Especially today, when humanity is facing various kinds of crises and unity is needed more than ever.

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