Rihanna will be in charge of halftime at the Super Bowl

Did you know that Rihanna will be in charge of halftime at the Super Bowl; what will be her return after becoming a mother for the first time; after his absence for 7 long years; although it has not yet been determined which prominent artists will accompany her during this famous event.

Rihanna’s participation in the Super Bowl

The news that Rihanna would be the figure in charge of the animation of the Halftime Show during the grand finale of the Super Bowl 2023; It was very well received by many of the fanatical followers of his artistic career.

Among other details, it was indicated that this famous singer from Barbados is preparing an impressive show that would go around the world and it was rumored that she would be accompanied by artists such as Paul McCartney, ASAP Rocky and Kanye West, among others.

The truth is that during the realization of this event on February 12 of this year, Rihanna was dazzling on stage, offering an electrifying choreography; during the break of the game that was won by the Kansas City Chiefs over their rivals the Philadelphia Eagles.

This final of the Super Bowl concentrated an audience of approximately 190 million viewers, social networks collapsed at the time Rihanna announced who would be her special guest.

Even more so when through an interview with this singer a few weeks before about the surprises that would be part of her performance at the State Farm Stadium in Arizona and she stated that she is still thinking about who to take to the event.

As expected, her fans immediately began to speculate about the presence of many artists with whom she has collaborated throughout her prestigious career; it being probable that he chose perhaps Drake, Eminem or Jay-Z, based on the surprise duets that are usual in this type of event.

But the truth is that Rihanna was not referring to any of these artists, but was an original way to indicate that she was pregnant with her second child.

Although this singer did not offer the public new songs during her participation in the Super Bowl halftime; A tummy appeared that captured all the eyes of the spectators and collapsed the social networks.

Undoubtedly the appearance of Rihanna by means of a floating platform that raised her above the audience, dressed in a red jumpsuit; custom designed by Loewe, captivated his fans.

Even more so when accompanied by a swarm of energetic dancers, dressed in white.

Among other details, it is necessary to highlight that despite being a presentation for which he does not charge any type of remuneration; He wowed the public with his song Better Have My Money.

During her speech, Rihanna entertained the audience with some of her most recognized hits; while the dancers staged a choreography, through movements at breakneck speed.

The show was not only impressive at its beginning, but also during its closing; since once they lowered it to the ground; a barrage of fireworks began above the stadium; just at the moment when he euphorically sang We Found Love.

Undoubtedly, on this occasion, Rihanna’s fans did not care that she did not carry any other exclusive artist as expected; as they were excited about their different and very visible special guest, growing in their tummy.

Although Rihanna explicitly drew attention to her pregnancy, as was the case with artists like Beyonce during the 2011 MTV VMAs; After his presentation, this news was officially confirmed by his representatives.

The Super Bowl halftime events stand out among the most anticipated of the year, since the audience is used to witnessing large-scale shows, each year they tend to surpass the previous one and this, without a doubt, will not be the exception.

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