The new Disney movie “Lady and the Tramp” already has a protagonist

Did you know that the new Disney movie “Lady and the Tramp” already has a protagonist; Discover who it is and all the details you are interested in knowing about this cinematographic creation based on the 1955 animation under the same name.

Lady and the Tramp protagonists

Lady and the Tramp is a film identified in Spanish as “Lady and the Tramp” produced in 2019 based on an animated cinematography directed in 1955 by Wilfred Jackson and Hamilton Luske.

The animation had the same name and was practically an adaptation of the homonymous children’s novel; Original by Ward Greene.

This new Disney movie has been directed by Charlie Bean, following a script by Andrew Bujalski, with music by Josept Trapanese and has the following protagonists:

Tessa Thompson (The Lady), whose character is identified as Reina, an American cocker spaniel dog.
Justin Theroux (El Vagabundo), named Gulf, dog product of a combination of breeds.
Ashley Jensen (Jackie), Scottish terrier dog.
Benedict Wong (Bull), a bulldog.
Sam Elliot (Trusty), dog of the St. Hubert breed.
Janelle Monáe (Peg), a small Pekingese dog.

Artists in charge of providing the voices of each of the characters in the film and also accompanied by:

Kiersey Clemons, providing the voice of Linda
Thomas Mann as Jim Dear
Yvette Nicole Brown, featuring Aunt Sarah’s dialogue
Adrian Martinez, as Elliot; the one in charge of catching stray dogs that do not carry identification.
Arturo Castro, dubbing the voice of the character identified as Marco.

Each of these artists participated in the casting carried out in 2018 with the aim of choosing them for the role of the voice of the different characters in Lady and the Tramp.

Initially Jensen, Theroux and Elliott were selected to represent the voices of Jackie, Tramp and Trusty, respectively. While on the other hand I search for an actress who would fit perfectly in the live action role of Darling; who is the human owner of Lady.

The chosen one in this case was precisely Kiersey Clemons; followed by Tessa Thompson and Benedict Wong; who would be in charge of the voices of Lady and Bull, respectively.

In this new version of Lady and the Tramp, real dogs were used that perfectly represent the main protagonists of this movie; Of course, with the help of some photorealism techniques and dubbing of voices by the actors mentioned above.

In turn, as indicated above, the participation of human artists was included, such as Linda, Jim Dear, Aunt Sarah, Elliot the dog catcher, as well as Marco.

The premiere of the film took place on November 12, 2019 as part of the Disney + platform, which led to it being the first remake that this film studio did not launch in the cinema, but through its streaming service.

After being appreciated after its premiere by different critics, it received praise in relation to the performances and dubbing; although they did not like its script, rhythm and visual effects so much.

It should be noted that the voice work for Lady and the Tramp began in July 2018; to materialize his live-action; while on the other hand the principal photography of this film took place long before in Savannah, a town in Georgia.

The creators of this new version, before its premiere in the United States, indicated to their audience that it was a version that remained faithful to the argument created in its original story.

In fact, it had the typical spaghetti scene, which many of us know; but they clarified that they were forced to make some changes, as was the case with the presentation of the Siamese cats.

They adopted this because, in the original version, certain scenes related to these characters were criticized, for being based on racial stereotypes; among the Asian population of the United States.

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